Regain a Fully Functional Smile With Restorative Dentistry in Black Diamond, WA

Damaged and missing teeth affect how your smile looks, which can hurt your self-confidence. They affect how it functions too, making it hard to eat or speak normally.  Get your smile and your self-confidence back with restorative dentistry from Black Diamond, WA dentist Dr. Yancy Sipes.

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From a single tooth filling to a full-mouth restoration, we’ll:

  • Make your smile look great again
  • Restore your full oral function so you can enjoy eating
  • Relieve any discomfort you’re feeling
  • Treat you in total comfort, offering you sedation if you need it

If you’re ready to get your smile back, call Black Diamond Dentistry at 360-284-7647.

Solve Your Problem With the Right Restorative Dental Care

Whether you have a cavity or an infected tooth, we can fix it with our restorative dentistry procedures:

  • Tooth Fillings – We use tooth-colored, metal-free fillings that blend in easily with your smile. We can even remove old metal fillings if you’d like.
  • Dental Veneers – Applied to the front surfaces of teeth, veneers can mend minor damage like chips and cracks.
  • Root Canals – A root canal can save a tooth threatened by infection. In most cases, Dr. Sipes can remove all of the infection from your tooth and thoroughly clean it before sealing it to protect it against further damage.
  • Dental Crowns – A crown can fix nearly any kind of dental damage, including cracked and broken teeth. When attached to a dental implant, a crown can even replace a missing tooth. It can also be used for cosmetic functions like concealing stains.
  • Inlays and Onlays – These dental restorations are the right choice for cavities that are too large for a filling yet not large enough for a crown.

Our Restorative Dentist Uses the Latest Technology

We’ve invested in dental technology to make your care quick, convenient, and comfortable. For instance, we use a CAD/CAM system that enables us to design a dental crown and make it for you right in our office, all in one visit. Contrast that to the usual process for getting a crown, which involves waiting weeks for an outside lab to produce it.

If you’re interested in a same-day crown or other restorative dentistry, call 360-284-7647 or contact us with our online form. Our Black Diamond, WA dentist office is especially convenient if you live or work in zip codes 98038, 98042, 98030, 98092, 98051, 98010, or 98022.

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