• Why You Should Visit Our Office

    By coming to our office, you can get the benefits of treatments that use cutting-edge technology provided by a friendly team of dental professionals. You can schedule appointments early or late to fit with your schedule, and we offer flexible payments to help you can get the care you need.

  • What We Can Do For You

    You can do anything from fixing a cavity to full-mouth reconstruction in Ravensdale. Our goal is to get your mouth back to a place where you can eat and speak naturally. We also believe you deserve a complete and natural-looking smile. Black Diamond Dentistry wants to do this for you or someone you love.

    I would definitely recommend them. They’re really current. They’re helpful, and whether you’re getting a filling, or your teeth cleaned, or something even more serious.

    — Mary P.

Revive Your Functional & Beautiful Smile

A lot of things can happen to your teeth during a lifetime. You can crack a tooth biting down on something hard or crunchy. You may lose a tooth to decay or gum disease. You can break a tooth as a result of an accident or injury, or you might just experience normal wear and tear after decades of using your teeth daily.

Our dental professionals are more than ready to help you reconstruct your smile. Restorative dentistry is one of the foundations of our practice. We know how it can make a difference in the lives of our patients, which is why it’s so important to us.

Dental crowns are a great example of what we can do for you. At many practices, you may need to make multiple appointments and wait for weeks before you can get your permanent crown. At our office, we use CAD/CAM technology to design your replacement tooth and E4D equipment to create it right here in our office. You can come in and leave with your new tooth in a matter of hours.

If you are missing teeth for any reason, we can fill those gaps in your smile. Using dental bridges or dentures, you can have a smile that looks as nice as it ever has — and maybe even better. To make your teeth replacements even more secure, we offer dental implants. These titanium screws replace the roots of missing teeth, and they can support a crown, bridge, or dentures. With implants, you can fight bone loss in your jaw and eat anything you want to eat.

We also offer services to repair teeth damaged by decay. Our composite dental fillings match the color of your natural teeth while restoring their function. You also can get a root canal to stop the pain of an infected tooth.

To reduce any anxiety you may have about restorative care, we use technology like dental lasers to improve your comfort. We do offer anesthetic and two kinds of dental sedation if you want to rest assured that you will be as pain-free as possible during your procedure.

For high-quality restorative dentistry in Ravensdale, make plans to visit Black Diamond Dentistry. Call 360-284-7647 today to make your appointment with us!

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Yancy Sipes

Yancy Sipes is a graduate of California State University and the Creighton University School of Dentistry. He opened Black Diamond Dentistry because of his love for the small-town community and the beauty of Western Washington. He has a love for restorative dental care, and he values getting to know his patients on a personal level.

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