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    Our friendly team of dental professionals uses advanced technology to make your restorative care more effective and efficient. By offering a variety of services and payment options, you can get the treatment you need within your budget. Our flexible hours allow you to make an appointment the works with your schedule.

  • What We Can Do

    Whether you have a problem with a decayed tooth or you are missing all your teeth, we can help. By repairing or replacing teeth, you can smile and speak naturally again. You also can bite and chew without pain or fear of your new teeth falling out.

    They were so extremely kind and helpful!! Answered all of my many questions and were gentle with my daughter!! So happy to have found a more holistic dentist willing to help us! Highly recommend! Worth the drive.

    — Danielle

    Dr. Sipes has been my dentist for over 4 years now and he truly is a master at his profession. He is very easy to talk to and is very very gentle when working on you as well as his staff is very friendly too.

    — Allen

    I would definitely recommend them. They’re really current. They’re helpful, and whether you’re getting a filling, or your teeth cleaned, or something even more serious.

    — Mary P.

Fix Your Teeth & Feel Great

Realistically, most people do have some oral health issues during their lives. This might mean dealing with tooth decay or a tooth infection. It could mean breaking or cracking a tooth, having a tooth knocked out, or losing multiple teeth. Regardless of what issue you are facing, our team at Black Diamond Dentistry is ready to restore your smile and your oral health.

At one time, getting a cavity meant that you needed a metal filling to restore the function of your tooth. Not anymore, not at our holistic dentist office. We offer tooth-colored composite fillings. You can eat comfortably again, and your smile can look as good as it ever has.

For larger cavities, broken teeth, and cracks in teeth, a dental crown can be a better fix. With our CAD/CAM technology and our in-office milling machine, you could get your crown in a single visit to our office. This can be a big time-saver compared to the weeks it can take if your crown is made in a dental lab.

Lost teeth are, unfortunately, more common than most people realize. With that said, you can get replacements for your missing teeth that look, feel, and function practically as well as the real thing. Modern dental bridges and dentures are made from materials that look natural. By using dental implants to support your lost teeth, you can bite and chew with nearly the same power as someone who has all of their teeth. This means, you can eat what you want, and you won’t need denture adhesives to keep your replacement teeth in your mouth.

Getting implants, root canals, or other restorative care can cause dental anxiety. We know and understand this. It’s why we used cutting-edge technology, like dental lasers, along with pain-blocking anesthetic and sedation dentistry.

You deserve high-quality restorative dentistry. In Cumberland, WA and the surrounding area, you can find it by visiting Dr. Sipes at Black Diamond Dentistry. Call 360-284-7647 for an appointment.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Yancy Sipes

Yancy Sipes is a graduate of California State University and the Creighton University School of Dentistry. He opened Black Diamond Dentistry because of his love for the small-town community and the beauty of Western Washington. He has a love for restorative dental care, and he values getting to know his patients on a personal level.

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