Keep Your Teeth in Top Shape With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Black Diamond, WA

Caring for your teeth is a bit like caring for a carpet. Vacuuming it regularly keeps it in pretty good shape, but to get it really clean and extend its life, you need professional cleanings too. In much the same way, you need regular dental cleanings and exams to keep your teeth in their top condition.

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We recommend you visit our Black Diamond, WA dentist office every six months for this important dental care. During your visit, we will:

  • Clean and polish your teeth so they look and feel great
  • Remove harmful plaque from areas that are easy to miss with a toothbrush
  • Eliminate the bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease
  • Look for cavities and other issues so we can treat them before they become bigger problems
  • Examine you for signs that could indicate oral cancer
  • Use techniques and technologies designed to make your cleanings more comfortable

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Address Dental Concerns During Your Exams

Because they’ll bring you regularly to our office, your dental exams are a great opportunity for our team to get to know you. This process begins during your first exam, when you’ll get an office tour and introductions to our staff, have digital X-rays taken, and ask questions and address any concerns with Dr. Yancy Sipes.

You’ll also get a thorough exam, including screenings for oral cancer and gum disease. We may recommend preventive treatments such as ProBioraPlus probiotics or dental sealants, and we’ll offer a treatment plan for any dental issues that need to be addressed. You’ll receive the same kind of thorough care every time you visit us! We’re always happy to take the time to address any questions you have.

X-rays Are More Comfortable With Digital Technology

Digital X-rays are more comfortable than traditional X-rays because we won’t have to put bulky film in your mouth. That’s not their only benefit:

  • Because of the clear images they produce, they help us diagnose issues earlier when they’re simpler and less costly to treat.
  • They’re better for your long-term health because they use less radiation than traditional X-rays.
  • It’s easier for us to share images with specialists or insurance companies, if necessary.

Don’t neglect dental cleanings and exams! Call 360-284-7647 to make an appointment today. You’ll find our Black Diamond, WA dentist office near local schools including Black Diamond Elementary School and Sawyer Woods Elementary School.

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