Improve Oral Health & Overall Health With Holistic Dentistry in Black Diamond, WA

There is more – much more – to your mouth than how your teeth look when you smile. Our holistic dentistry doesn’t just treat dental problems; it helps prevent them in the first place. With fewer dental problems, you can enjoy better overall health!

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Our Black Diamond, WA dental team keeps you and your teeth healthy by:

  • Removing harmful bacteria from your mouth with thorough dental cleanings
  • Helping you make better dietary choices with nutritional counseling
  • Detecting cavities in their earliest stages before decay spreads, causing infection and other more serious problems
  • Preventing and treating gum disease, which has been linked to numerous health conditions
  • Using biocompatible metal-free fillings to repair cavities

To visit a dentist who understands how your oral health impacts your overall well-being, call Black Diamond Dentistry at 360-284-7647.

Stop Problems Before They Start With Preventive Dental Care

Your mouth can be a starting point for microbial infections to enter your bloodstream. Bacteria causes dental decay and gum disease, both of which create an opportunity for infection to spread to other areas of your body. Research has shown a link between gum disease and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

You should supplement your home oral hygiene with at least two professional dental cleanings a year. We’ll remove bacteria from areas that are easy for you to miss with your brush and floss at home. In addition to regular cleanings, we may recommend:

  • Oral Probiotics – We offer ProBioraPlus oral probiotics, which promote healthy bacteria growth to help prevent decay, gum disease, and bad breath.
  • Dental Sealants – Thin plastic sealants provide a barrier against decay, keeping it out of grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth.

Treat Dry Mouth to Feel Better & Improve Oral Health

Your saliva contains elements like calcium, bicarbonate, and phosphate, all of which neutralize acids that react with bacteria to cause problems. So a saliva shortage not only makes you uncomfortable, it also makes you more prone to cavities and gum disease. We treat dry mouth with toothpaste and other products from respected brand Biotene. They add needed moisture and relieve symptoms such as chronic bad breath (halitosis).

Protect Your Family’s Mouths With Custom Mouthguards

While sports and other athletic activities are great for your overall wellness, they can be hard on your mouth. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, up to 39 percent of dental injuries are sports-related. A custom mouthguard will protect your teeth from wild throws and other hazards. Because it’s made from impressions of your teeth, it will fit better than a store-bought mouthguard. You won’t be tempted to leave it out during the big game.

We can also make custom mouthguards to prevent you from grinding your teeth (bruxism), a habit that can damage teeth and cause problems like headaches and jaw pain.

If you’re interested in holistic dentistry, call Black Diamond Dentistry at 360-284-7647. You can also use our online form to contact us. Our Black Diamond, WA dentist office is located near Lake Sawyer Regional Park. We welcome patients from nearby communities like Maple Valley, WA and Enumclaw, WA.

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