Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Black Diamond a Great Experience

Your child’s first year is filled with almost too many milestones to count: first smile, first word, first steps, and much more. Add your child’s first dentist visit to the list! We recommend bringing your baby for their first dental visit to Black Diamond, WA dentist Dr. Yancy Sipes when their first teeth erupt. For most children, this can be as early as 6 months.

No dental visit is more important, and we’ll ensure it goes well with:

  • A dentist who truly enjoys young patients
  • A “happy” visit where you and your child can get to know us
  • A kid-friendly waiting room with toys, books and coloring books, and a LeapFrog system as well as a treasure chest your child can pick a prize from
  • Appointments as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. so you can bring your child when they are well rested and in a good mood
  • A location near Lake Sawyer so you can feed the ducks on the way home

We’ll create a positive first impression of the dentist that will hopefully last a lifetime! To schedule this milestone visit, call 360-284-7647.

Get to Know Us During Your First Dental Visits

The first dental visit is mostly about getting to know each other better. We look at your child’s teeth and may gently clean them, if they’ll let us. We won’t do anything that your child – or you – don’t want to do. You can hold your child on your lap for the exam. We’re also happy to address any concerns or questions you have about thumb sucking, teething, or any other aspect of your child’s dental development.

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy With Preventive Care

As your child gets older, it’s important to visit us at least twice a year for regular dental exams and cleanings. Our professional cleanings remove the plaque that’s easy to miss at home. We’ll also help your child learn the kinds of good oral hygiene habits that will keep their teeth in top shape. We may also suggest preventive treatments like dental sealants, thin coatings of plastic applied to back teeth and other tough-to-clean areas, to fend off cavities.

Ready to schedule your child’s first dental visit? Call 360-284-7647.

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