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Dental emergencies can turn into disasters pretty quickly. A broken tooth can become infected, for example, or infection from an abscessed tooth can spread elsewhere in the body. An emergency doesn’t have to be a disaster, though. Black Diamond, WA dentist Dr. Yancy Sipes can usually see you the same day in a dental emergency.

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Even if you call after hours, your call will be routed to his cell phone. He’ll return your call to advise you on how to handle your emergency, whether it’s seeking treatment at an emergency room or coming to our office ASAP.

In addition to after-hours contact with our dentist, we’ll address your emergency with:

  • A variety of restorative dentistry procedures to repair your dental damage
  • Staff who knows how to relax you, even in high-stress situations
  • The option of laughing gas, a safe form of dental sedation that takes effect quickly, or oral sedation for greater relaxation

If you’ve suffered an emergency and need urgent dental care, call us right away at 360-284-7647.

Fix Your Teeth With Restorative Dentistry Procedures in an Emergency

We use restorative dentistry procedures to relieve your discomfort and get your teeth functioning normally again. Here’s what to expect for some common emergencies:

  • Toothache – If your pain is caused by a cavity, Dr. Sipes will repair it with a filling or a dental crown. If an infected tooth is the cause of your pain, he’ll perform a root canal.
  • Broken or Cracked Tooth – In most cases, we can repair this kind of damage with a crown. Thanks to our advanced CAD/CAM system, you’ll be able to get your crown in a single visit. No more waiting weeks while wearing a temporary!
  • Knocked-Out Tooth – The sooner you can see Dr. Sipes, the greater the chance he may be able to save your tooth. If possible, try to gently return the tooth to its socket and keep it there until you can see us. If not, put it in a container of saliva or milk. Call us ASAP.
  • Damaged Dental Restoration – Dr. Sipes can repair your dental crown, bridge, or dentures. If necessary, he can make a new restoration. If he can use our CAD/CAM system, you won’t need to wait more than an hour or so.

Don’t let dental emergencies turn into disasters! Call Black Diamond Dentistry at 360-284-7647 for emergency dental care. Our Black Diamond, WA dentist office is located near the Black Diamond Library and Lake Sawyer Regional Park.

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