Who Do You Trust In A Dental Emergency? (video)

As a parent, you never want anything bad to happen to your kids. When problems do arise, you want to know that you can help, or at least know who you can call for help. When C.J.’s son had a dental emergency, he called Black Diamond Dentistry to get help from Dr. Yancy Sipes.

“We made an appointment for the next day … that he was able to get us in right away and see my son really took a lot of stress off of me and my wife and made my son feel a lot more comfortable knowing that everything was gonna be okay,” C.J. says in the video below.

That experience has also helped them feel more confident about the routine family dentistry they get at our office in Black Diamond, WA, too.

If you are in need of emergency care or want to prevent problems, call 360-284-7647 to make an appointment.

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