Rebuild More Than A Smile With Dental Implants

You arrive a little early for your lunch with your friend, so you decide to go ahead and get a table. You’ve never been to this restaurant, but you’ve heard good things about it. You’re eager to look over the menu to find something delicious to try.

Should you get a steak with steamed carrots? Chicken with mixed vegetables? There are so many options. Thankfully you can get anything your heart desires.

You are so glad you visited Black Diamond Dentistry to get dental implants . They’ve made your replacement teeth look and feel as close to the real thing as you could imagine. With implants, you are confident that you can bite and chew anything you want.

If you are missing teeth, we want this to be a realistic scenario for you. To learn whether implants are right for you, call 360-284-7647 to set up a consultation at our Black Diamond, WA dental office.

Eat, Speak, & Smile Confidently

Traditional dentures can seem fine at first. At that moment, they fit well. They give you a natural smile, and they help you eat more foods than you could without them.

It’s also true that over time, dentures become looser. They slide around if you try to bite certain foods. They can make chewing seeming more difficult than it was before you lost your teeth. And your teeth can move around when you are trying to talk.

Denture adhesives can help to a degree, but they also can change the flavor of your food. In the best-case scenario, adhesives only provide temporary benefits anyway.

By getting implant-supported dentures, you can avoid those problems.

Implants make your dentures stable, secure, and strong. With implants, you won’t need adhesives. Your replacement teeth won’t slide around. You also will be able to bite and chew practically as well as you could when you have a full set of teeth.

Anchor Your Dentures To Your Jaw

Implants work so well because they replace the roots of your missing teeth. Where traditional dentures rest outside your gums, implants are placed directly into your jawbone. That also creates a direct connection from your jaw to your dentures.

As a result of that connection, you can generate more power in every bite and chew. This is why you can bite confidently and chew comfortably.

The implants also do something that your dentures can’t do on their own. Implants keep your jaw healthy. Every time you bite and chew with your implant-supported dentures, your implants are pressing into your jawbone. Your jaw reacts to that stimulation by making new bone tissue. This prevents the kind of bone loss that can and does occur when someone has either missing teeth or conventional dentures.

Expect More From Your Replacement Teeth

There was a time when dentures would have been your best option. In modern dentistry, however, dental implants give you something that feels like a new set of healthy teeth. Feel the difference for yourself. Come to Black Diamond Dentistry. Call 360-284-7647 or contact us online to request your appointment.

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