Metal-Free Fillings Are Safe & Attractive (Video)

Research on mercury in dental fillings has been inconclusive. However, we think it’s best to play it safe when it comes to your family’s health. That’s why we use metal-free fillings in our Black Diamond, WA dentist office. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, restorations made of tooth-colored composite contain no mercury.

In addition to their clean bill of health, composite fillings simply look more natural in a smile. With metal fillings, you can see spots of silver in your mouth that tend to darken over time. Plus, metal-free fillings don’t require as much healthy tooth structure to be removed to place them.

Watch this American Dental Association video for more information on composite fillings. If you have any questions, give us a call or ask the next time you’re in our office.

We also use technology like digital X-rays to identify cavities in their earliest stages, when they are easiest to treat. To schedule an exam, call Black Diamond Dentistry at 360-284-7647.

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